Safety you can depend on.

ctl_032015_0031At CTL, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to safety and reliability. By utilizing an impressive array of technology, we’re able to stay in contact with our drivers every step of the way, ensuring that the the highest standards of safety, compliance and operational efficiency are met. In addition to McLeod dispatching and Qualcomm satellite tracking, our liquid bulk fleet boasts a variety of late-model tractors- over 60% are a 2015 model- making it one of the newest fleets in the industry.

We invite you to inspect our CSA scores. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues CSA scores to promote safety compliance and we believe you’ll be very pleased with our consistently strong results.

We offer exceptional employee training, recognize our drivers for their outstanding commitment to our culture of workplace safety and we have been consistently awarded SATISFACTORY ratings by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

CTL subscribes to the principles of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care Partner program and is an official Responsible Care Partner.

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