3PL Liquid Bulk Hauling Solutions

If you’ve never used 3PL services before, you may be unfamiliar with exactly the sort of services you can expect from a dedicated 3PL Trucking company. Today, we’re going to clear this up, and show you just how 3PL principles apply to local, regional, and long-haul liquid bulk trucking.

3PL Solutions for Liquid Bulk

Chemical bulk carrier by lakeWith CTL Transportation you get the best of both worlds: the perks of third-party logistics and access to a fleet specialized in bulk liquid transportation.

On a dictionary definition basis, 3PL simply means “Third-party logistics.” Logistics here refers to a term derived from military use for the coordination of large-scale, complex systems. Many stages in the shipping and storage of goods use third-party logistics. Across the board, 3PL services have been a growing trend in US markets, with a 7.4% increase in the domestic market in 2014 alone. US and International companies alike regularly rely on 3PL services to manage the distribution and storage of their goods and raw materials.

Chemical transport isn’t easy. HAZMAT material used in several industrial process can interact with tanks, require specialized drivers and carry increased risks. But by turning to a 3PL liquid bulk solution, you can outsource those worries and focus on what you do best.

Reliable Tanker Transportation

Our experience and specialization makes us a leader in hauling the chemicals you need to keep your supply chain strong. What does that specialization mean? We focus specifically on chemical transportation: No food-grade, no oil, just industrial and specialty chemicals.

CTL Transportation handles the logistics for transporting hazardous chemical freight. Often, shipping hazardous chemicals requires drivers with specialized training, and specialized equipment. Dedicated 3PL trucking companies factor this specialized training and equipment into their service. Manufacturers, construction facilities, laboratories, and other businesses which require large amounts of dangerous chemicals are free to spend their time and effort on their own projects, and do not have to worry about the safe transportation of hazardous materials to or from their facilities; the training and specialized trucking equipment comes along with using a 3PL trucking company such as CTL Transportation.

Industries We Help:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Construction facilities
  • Laboratories and testing facilities
  • Wood furniture manufacturers

Having a focus on safe chemical transportation is important in selecting a 3PL liquid bulk carrier because experience can mitigate a significant portion of the risk in HAZMAT shipping. A large amount of the issues that can arise on the road — like surge, outage and contamination — can be prevented with careful planning from expert dispatchers and drivers.

Risk can never be reduced completely, but having a carrier specialized in chemical transportation will act as the best risk mitigation system possible. By going with an experienced third-party liquid bulk carrier, you can benefit from their experience-driven standard operating procedures.

Take The Red Tape Out of Your HAZMAT Transportation

While some larger companies oversee their own transportation of goods and raw materials, for many companies, seasonal fluctuations in supply and demand make maintaining their own trucking system prohibitively expensive or too cumbersome for viability. It is here that a manufacturer will call in a third-party logistics trucking company to move their materials.

CTL Transportation specializes in chemical transportation with 85 percent of loads being HAZMAT, so you can be confident in our expertise.

Within chemical transportation lies many challenges that other logistical systems don’t have — and a big one is compliance. National, state and regional regulations restrict HAZMAT shipping processes. With nearly five decades of chemical trucking experience, CTL Transportation is fully versed in transporting liquid cargo to the letter of the law.

The law requires HAZMAT carriers to have a hazardous materials safety permit and drivers to be specifically HAZMAT certified. The transportation company is also liable for ensuring the material being shipped is in good enough condition. When you go with CTL Transportation for your 3PL liquid bulk solution, you get all that taken care of so you can focus on other things.

Caustic Soda Transportation

Caustic soda — more technically known as sodium hydroxide and more casually as lye — is the 6th most produced chemical in the US. The strong base serves as an integral chemical in manufacturing processes performed across several industries.

Caustic Soda is Used in:

  • Paper and pulp manufacturing
  • Industrial and potable water treatment
  • Soap and detergent production
  • Aluminum production
  • Paint stripping
  • Several other acid neutralization processes

While caustic soda itself is a solid, it is typically sold in the liquid form as a 50% solution, allowing it to be used more easily once it reaches its destination.Because of its corrosive characteristic, caustic soda must be transported carefully in well sealed tanks.

At CTL Transportation, each truck hauling caustic soda is inspected to ensure all safety regulations are strictly adhered to in order to prevent dangerous contamination. After a tank has contained caustic soda, descaling, cleaning and passivation is performed quickly.

CTL specializes in the bulk transportation of chemicals like caustic soda, as well as other neutralizing agents like sulfuric acid. Our terminals across the Southeast can deliver caustic soda to you safely and efficiently.

A 3PL Solution for Your Capacity Needs

Tanker driver on the roadRecruiting and training drivers can take considerable effort and money. By going with a 3PL liquid bulk solution, you let us take care of that so that the price works in your favor.

CTL has the best drivers in the industry. Drivers go through an in-depth initial training program when hired. And once they’re part of the team, truckers get improvement training twice a year. Drivers also have access to top-of-the-line equipment, typically driving vehicles less than a year old.

We understand the value of hiring the best in the industry. And since operating a HAZMAT tanker takes special endorsements and federal background checks, we do what we need to do to keep the best around. We ensure our drivers have great pay, good working hours, and benefits to make sure they stick around.

With ten terminals across the Southeast and the willingness to go cross country, our amazing drivers are wherever you are.

Our Hauling Solutions Scale With Your Needs

CTL Transportation’s decades of experience means you can rely on us for all your chemical hauling needs. From one-offs, to short hauls, to contracted cross-country long hauls, we’ve got your back. We’re as flexible or as dedicated as you need us to be to keep your supply chain intact.

If you’ve got temporary capacity needs that your current fleet can’t meet, our dedicated service program might be right for you. Instead of making the investment to add new trucks to your fleet that you may not need long-term, you can contract as many trucks as you need for however long you need them. With specialized drivers and equipment to meet your needs, CTL Transportation can act as an extension of your company.

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