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Established in 1964, CTL got its start hauling bulk commodities for the phosphate industry in Central Florida. Over the years, we’ve expanded our focus, establishing ourselves as a significant player in the nationwide chemical hauling industry. Today, we’re a part of Comcar Industries, a leader in the U.S. transportation business. With strategically-located terminals, quality equipment and always-reliable capacity, we’re your dependable solution for full-service chemical hauling. Whether you’re looking for local, regional or nationwide service, look no further than CTL.

Our team

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing the highest level of specialized and personal service. We look forward to building a relationship with you, and working together to maximize your success.

TM - E. St. Louis, IL

Tim Fowler

TM - Mobile, AL

Don Buford

TM - Jacksonville, Atlanta & Savannah

Jim Cooner

TM – St. Gabriel/Sterlington, LA

John Brown

TM – Tampa, FL & Cent. Disp. Mgr.

Dan Lungmus

Billing Manager

Michele Johnson

Payroll Supervisor

Christine Bronson

Corporate Controller

Diana Sapp

Regional Sales Director

Mark Niness

VP of Safety Services

Su Melchiorre

VP Sales

Azalia Tennis

Executive Vice President

Ken Bauer

President & CEO

Joe Morrissey

CEO Comcar Industries

Mark Bostick

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